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What is an ‘Accredited Investor’? Long Term Care Insurance for 80 year old Mom? Annuity Salesmen Keep Getting Replaced? Social Security on a ‘Restricted Application’? Workshops – Check the Schedule!

In this More than Money show Gene:

Gene answers audience questions:

  • Listener is 64 and his wife is 65.  He wants to understand his Social Security options?
  • Listener is being sold an annuity paying $750 per month for ten years.  A good idea?
  • Listener was sold an annuity by a salesman at his bank.  That guy left and he was assigned a new salesman.  That guy left and how he is a ‘house account’.  What’s best to do?
  • Listener’s mom is 80 and doesn’t want to invest.  Is long term care insurance an option for her?
  • Listener is interested in an investment offer for ‘accredited investors’  How does he know if he qualifies?

Gene talks about:

  • Laughing at My Nightmare – Run, Walk, Roll 5K and Live Radio Show – June 17th
  • Women and Retirement Workshop – June 20th
  • Free 2nd opinion reviews for social security, estate plans, life or long term care insurance, and retirement


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