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More than Money Newsletter - November 2015

Dear Friends,

“Is this Letter Worth $1,048,300 to You?”

It depends.  Check out the ideas we’re sharing to see which one(s) fit you, your goals, and your situation.  There’s over a million dollars on the table – and maybe more – if you take action.  Not sure where to start?  Just reach out to our MtM world headquarters.  We’re here to serve you.

“Circle December 5th on Your Calendar”

Our entire More than Money team invites our whole More than Money family to join us on December 5th in our More than Money World Headquarters (in the ‘Holy Lands” between Bethlehem and Nazareth) for our annual holiday appreciation event.

Each year on the first Saturday of December – conveniently between Thanksgiving and Christmas we (Diane and I, Connie, Mark, Daryl, Bill, JoAnne, Gretchen, and Harley) ask all of you to give us the opportunity to say thank you in person for all that you mean to us the whole year round.  We so appreciate you, please join us.

You will be our guests for this Saturday morning as we host a live broadcast of our More than Money Radio Show from 8 AM right up to 10 AM.  We’ll have lots of hot coffee, tea, juice, bakery items, fruit, and lots more to feast upon.  We’ll have great holiday music, great holiday guests and our very own Harley (the More than Money Chocolate Lab Mascot) for you to enjoy.  We wrap up by noon so you have the rest of the day to enjoy additional holiday festivities with family and friends.

So we have plenty to go around, please let us know you will join us by sending an email ( or calling our office (610-746-7007) and speaking with anyone on our team.  Please join us.

“Is this One Idea Worth $1,000,000?”

It depends . . . would you be willing to trade a few thousand dollars of your money to make a millionaire of someone you love?

Ok, so a million dollars isn’t what it used to be.  Lots of people – mostly those who don’t have a million dollars – are quick to point out that being a millionaire (today) isn’t nearly as cool/valuable as it was fifty or a hundred years ago.  Granted.  But . . . less than three per cent of Americans will become millionaires – so maybe it still is a pretty rare accomplishment.  And, even if you can’t live like the Kardashians (seriously?) a million dollars is way better than a sharp stick in the eye!

So, say you have a child, grandchild, god child – someone you really love.  And say this child is really special – smart, respectful, and hardworking – a really rare young person these days.  What could you do to reward this wonderful young person and make a real impact on their entire lives?   You could give them the latest smart phone.  You could give them a season ski pass.  Or you could make them a millionaire.  Even better, you could provide them with a million dollars – tax free!

Using a combination of a hard working young person, a Roth IRA, your contributions of a few thousand dollars a year over a few years (in some cases seven years or less), a sound investment plan, and the miracle of compounding (perhaps for fifty (50) years or more) you could create $1,000,000 tax free for someone you love.

Details, of course, are important.  You and the child (growing into a mature adult) you love must follow the rules and be patient.  There are no guarantees.  The end result might be ‘only’ hundreds of thousands or (maybe, God willing) many millions.  Only time will tell.  However, we can say with absolute certainty that the ‘cool’ smart phone or ‘fun’ ski pass will compound over an average life span of a wonderful young person to yield exactly zero when they retire.

Your choice – the opportunity for even more texting or the opportunity to build real financial security for someone you love.  Worth a million?  Priceless.

“Can this One Idea Save You $3,600.00 in Taxes?”

It depends . . . do you understand the penalties for missing your RMD?

If you have investments in IRAs, 401(k)s, or other retirement plans and are approaching age seventy (70) you need to know about Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs).  The purpose of this article is not to explain the RMD rules (if you need some instruction – just ask).The purpose of this warning is to tell you how nasty the IRS will be if you do not take your RMDs.

If your plans total $200,000, your RMD will be in the neighborhood of $7,200.00.  If you neglect to take this distribution as mandated, you will be assessed a 50% penalty- $3,600.00 and you will still be required to take the distribution and pay full income taxes as well.  This is nasty and must be avoided.

If you are approaching age seventy (70) please contact our office for guidance on your RMDs.

“Is This One Idea Worth $4,760.00 to You?”

It depends . . . are you really contributing the maximum to your 401(k)?

If you participate in a 401(K) – or are eligible to participate – or are self-employed and (now) know you can establish your own 401(k) – you are well on your way to significant tax advantages as you save for your future financial security.

What could be better?

It would be better if you fully understood what the word ‘maximum’ means in your 401(k) world.  Many people say they are putting in the ‘maximum’ to their plan when what they really mean is they are contributing enough to receive the maximum match from their employers

In many plans, the employer matches a percentage (often 50%) of an employee’s contributions up to a percentage (often 6%) of an employee’s wages.  So an employee who makes $100,000 per year contributes $6,000 to receive the maximum employer matching contribution of $3,000.  Lovely.

Except . . . the employee in our example is actually permitted to reach their maximum by IRS code to contribute up to $17,000 annually ($23,000 if age 50 or over).  The additional $11,000 of tax deductible contributions would save the employee (in the 28% income tax bracket) $3,080.00 or the additional $17,000 (if over age 50) contribution would save the employee $4,760.00 in federal income taxes.

This is the financial equivalent of the IRS giving you a 28% match on everything you contribute above your employer match.  Very cool.

Can it get any better?

  1. If you are committed to making your (real) maximum 401(k) contribution every year – you will continue to see $4,760.00 in savings (based on today’s tax code) every year until you retire.

Where I come from – that’s real money.

“Not Knowing This Could Cost You $40,000.00!”

Are you trusting your retirement to a salesman?

Many of the folks we meet who are approaching retirement have a nest egg of about $500,000.  Where I come from this is a seriously large sum of money. Literally, this is their life savings.

Financial advisors (real ones) start with, continue with, and will end with a focus completely on only one agenda – what is best for their client?  They are generally paid by either a small annual percentage of the funds they manage or at an hourly rate.

Salesmen start with and end with only one agenda – how can I sell my product to the most number of people and make the most money.

Two completely opposite agendas.  One where you are first and one where your checkbook is the focus.  Or should I say emptying your checkbook.

Financial salesmen are everywhere these days - pitching their wares on TV, radio, and at fancy eateries with high priced food to draw you in.  There are ‘investments’ being pushed by financial salesmen paying them commissions of eight per cent (8%) – in some cases much more – the minute the ink is dry on your check.  If you entrusted (silly word) them with your life savings of $500,000 they are staring at a commission of $40,000.  What do you think they would say or do to cash that $40,000 check? 

An honorable financial advisor who cares first about you and your financial welfare would likely work for you for eight (8) years before earning – in this case really earning – the same compensation.

What are you looking for – a long term financial relationship with a trusted advisor or helping a salesman cash a $40,000 check?

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Words are Powerful Tools for American Freedom

One of America’s thought leaders in business today is quoted as saying:

“Americans today are afraid.  They fear the America they love is now but a memory.  They fear the future of America – the future of their

children and grandchildren grows less bright, less hopeful day by day.  They see politicians with no more honorable agenda than naked greed.  They see government agencies with blatant intent to harm American taxpayers.  They see regulatory agencies with dictatorial powers of life, death, and extortion over trustworthy, hard working business people. With great sadness, Americans most fear their own government.

However . . . Americans must fight their fears and fight the very causes of their fear.  We must fight first and foremost because that’s what Americans do.  When we see powerful forces seeking to enslave weaker peoples – we fight.  We fought the most powerful nation in the world to gain our independence.  We fought powerful, evil nations in two world wars to free millions from dictators.  We fought our own fears and prejudices to bring freedom to millions of Americans right here in our homeland.

Americans must start their fight today with prayer.  We must pray to know the will of our God.  We must pray to find ways to fight without violence.  We must pray to hear God share with us the new ideas we require to replace the current government (run amok) not with revolution, but with revolutionary ideas. 

We must pray to our God for the courage, energy, and perseverance we will require to see our way to a revolutionary new America.  A new, freer, more hopeful, America that – with our renewed Spirit – will, with God’s blessing,  look much like the America we remember.”

Please allow us to serve you and those you love.

Thank you,


P.S.  How can you serve more?

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