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September 8, 2018 - Social Security Questions Galore! ‘Crash Proof’ Your Retirement? Keystone Warriors? Irrevocable Trusts? Joint Accounts and Divorce? Age 24 and wants to be Financial Independent? Tons of Great Listener Questions!

Gene answers tons of listener questions including:

  • Maximizing social security benefits?
  • Avoiding inheritance taxes on savings accounts?
  • Adding Payable on Death (PoD) designations to bank accounts?
  • ‘Crash Proof Your Retirement’ ads on radio?
  • Keystone Warriors question?
  • Irrevocable trust?
  • Identifying stocks in a will by the stock certificate number?
  • Social Security records are missing five years of income?
  • Can joint account assets be lost in a divorce?
  • 24 year old listener wonders how to get financially independent at a young age?
  • Company changing 401(k) with plan ‘advisors’ giving questionable advice?
  • ‘Future Income Payments’ company charged with defrauding investors

Gene talks about:

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