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September 22, 2018 - What to do if you get ‘The Letter’ from your LTC company? ‘Diane and Gene Celebrate Their Wedding Anniversary!’ ‘Should Listener Cash In His 401(K) to Pay Off His Mortgage? Tons of Great Listener Questions!

Gene answers tons of listener questions including:

  • How does a Required Minimum Distribution work on a 401(k) after age 70 – and still working?
  • Should listener cash in 401(k) to pay off mortgage balance?
  • Insurance salesman changed companies – pros and cons of moving with him?
  • What are the income tax implications on the kids when mom sets up PoD?
  • Daughter is executor and in the middle between parents’ wishes and spendthrift brothers?
  • Tons more questions! 

Gene talks about:

  • Diane and Gene celebrate their wedding anniversary!
  • Diane and Gene and ‘the crew’ are at the State Theatre for the Jon Dorenbos show.   It was great!

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