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July 14, 2018 - Tons of 401(k) Questions! What is a 27 Year Old to Do? Is Helping a Friend a Good Idea? Tons More Great Listener Questions!

Gene answers bucket o’ audience questions:

  • Very sharp 27 year old has very smart questions?
  • 401(k)s - investing?  Converting?  Paying an advisor?
  • Invest a lump sum now or spread out over time?
  • Best friends retiring together?
  • And a dozen more questions!

Gene talks about:

  • Join us July 21st at Neighbors Home and Garden in Hellertown for a live show!
  • Join us July 28th at Bear Creek Resort for a live show at the Res-Q Health Expo!
  • Do you want a free second opinion meeting with a More than Money advisor? 

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