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Protecting Two Sons from $5 million? Why doesn’t Gene host a ‘proper’ show? Long Term Care without Premiums? When Must Your Advisor be a Fiduciary? Don’t all Advisors Know about Income Taxes? Lots More!

In this More than Money show Gene:

Gene answers audience questions:

  • Listener wants to know how to protect his $5 million business and protect his two sons who have never worked in the business – when he dies
  • Listener’s wants to know why Gene doesn’t host a ‘proper’ financial show?
  • Listener is frustrated that his ‘financial advisor’ (stock broker) can’t or won’t supply him with income tax counsel when making investment recommendations
  • Listener wants to know why Gene doesn’t talk more about stock market projections
  • Listener wants to learn how Long Term Care insurance can be secured without paying any premiums – spoiler alert! – it can’t, but learn a very interesting way to secure LTC insurance

Gene talks about:

  • Gene talks with Bobby Gunther Walsh about Donald Trump, the state of America, and what he sees for the election in November
  • Gene discusses the new regulations that mandate financial advisors conduct themselves as fiduciaries when advising clients about retirement plans and IRAs
  • Gene shared some of his experiences the trip he and Diane just completed to Arizona


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