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Talon Stock Taxation? Buying Physical God – The Right Way? Bankruptcy with $80,000 on Credit Cards? Final Return for Deceased Grandson? What to do with ‘Old’ Life Insurance Policies?

In this More than Money show Gene:

Gene answers audience questions:

  • How should listener calculate gain/loss on Talon stock transaction?
  • Listener wants advice on best practices when buying physical gold?
  • Should listener declare bankruptcy after incurring $80,000 in credit card debt?
  • Is the listener able to file final income tax return for his deceased 19 year old grandson?
  • Listeners has thirty year old life policies and wants to know what to do with them?

Gene talks about:

  • Tax Clients – Drop Off Your Tax Information After You’ve Received It
  • God Speed – Sally Davenport – our dear friend and sister in Christ
  • February More than Money Newsletter released 2/1/17


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