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Mom is 84 with Two Daughters? ’30 Year Old Wills – Is it Time? Refinancing Home Not so Simle? Savings Bonds for Grandkids? Maturing Fixed Annuities – Now What?

In this More than Money show Gene:

Gene answers audience questions:

  • Fixed annuities maturing – what to do with the proceeds?
  • Listeners are both 70 and looking to re-write their 30 year old wills?
  • Refinancing his home is giving this listener headaches?
  • Are savings bonds still good gifts for grandchildren?
  • Mom is 84 – help with splitting her estate between daughters?

Gene talks about:

  • Free 2nd opinion reviews for social security, estate plans, life or long term care insurance, and retirement
  • More than Money is growing and hiring.  If you know a quality person who might fit our needs for financial advisors (2), an operations person, and a marketing/business development person – please send them our way


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