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March 12, 2015 - Blog

What happens if Gene gets hit by (the proverbial) bus?

More than Money with Gene Dickison Answers:

“What happens if Gene gets hit by (the proverbial) bus?”

It depends . . . what happens to you or what happens to Gene?

My faith assures me that I will be just fine moments after my time on this spinning (mostly) green planet is at an end.  You, however . . . . .

You will be fine as well.

Our More than Money team of advisors – Mark Belcak, Daryl Okken, Ted Hickes, and Bill Maughan are trained to provide the same level of service and care as I provide.  Our support team – Connie Polaha, Janine Pinel, JoAnne Mohr, and Gretchen Starke  can provide the type of seamless continuity all of our clients wish.

And, of course, the real boss – Diane – will continue to lead our firm-wide commitments to God, our country, and our clients.

Doesn’t sound too bad.

If you are part of our More than Money family you are assured of continuous, caring service.

If you are not yet being served by one of our talented advisors – why not contact us today?  Don’t you want all the good stuff for you and those you love?



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