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November 14, 2014 - Blog

PAP (Politicians Against Prosperity)

More than Money with Gene Dickison Answers:

“PAP – Politicians Against Prosperity”

I must confess.

PAP – Politicians Against Prosperity is not my original thought.  I must thank my friend, John, for sharing his creation with me.

But, as soon as John said it, “Politicians Against Prosperity,” I knew it was a phrase I was going to use and (eventually – when memories fade sufficiently) claim as my very own.

If you’re a business person you don’t need even one word of explanation.  The sheer volume, burden, and insanity of most government regulatory requirements is proof positive that the politicians who (sadly) make up the vast majority of the ‘public servants’ in office stand against the American Dream.

If you’re a hard working American you don’t need even one word of explanation.  Higher taxes, higher taxes, and higher taxes.  Bloated government bureaucracies with dictatorial powers and a never ending appetite for your money puts a drag on America’s prosperity at every turn.

Thanks, John.  Sadly, Politicians Against Prosperity, sure seems to fit.

One good thing has come from this climate of government obstruction.

I spend much more of every one of my days in prayer.

Perhaps you’ll join me.

What answers will we find if you start with prayer?


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