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August 22, 2014 - Blog

Drucker and Me Review

More than Money with Gene Dickison Answers:

“What book have you read recently you would recommend?”

It depends . . .

. . . on where you find your life these days: 

If you find yourself open to ways to make your life more meaningful then you might well benefit from reading Drucker and Me by Bob Buford (© 2014 by Bob Buford published by Worthy Publishing).

Bob Buford was – for the first half of his life a successful business man in Texas.  Peter Drucker was (and still considered by many nine years after his death) the foremost thinker in the worlds of both business management and the development of strong non-profit organizations.  This story of how they met and the friendship that grew between these two men and their families is more than fascinating.

Even more interesting – in my opinion – is how Drucker influenced Buford to change the entire direction of the ‘second half’ of his life from one of accumulating money and accomplishments to making a real, positive, God centered impact on his world.

Successful businessman living a life of strong, Christian values to a make a real impact on his world – a book well worth reading.

What are you reading? 


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