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January 19, 2015 - Blog

Is This One Idea Worth $3,000.00 to You – Every Year?

More than Money with Gene Dickison Answers:

“Is This One Idea Worth $3,000.00 to You – Every Year?”

It depends . . . are you investing $100,000.00 with a quality, trusted financial advisor?

A recent study conducted and published by The Vanguard Group concluded that investors who worked with a quality financial advisor (I added trusted – trust is critical to a long term advisory relationship) saw benefits worth three per cent (3%) or more per year.

Improved investment strategy or structure, improved and more consistent monitoring and adjustment of investments, attention to income tax impacts financial decisions, appropriate estate and insurance decisions, the opportunities for a quality advisor to have a significant impact on your financial results are many and varied.

Therefore, if you invested $100,000.00 with a quality, trusted financial advisor you could see $3,000.00 each year in additional value.  Of course, if your investment portfolio is larger . . . you might see many more dollars of additional value.

Is it time for you to gain thousands of dollars of extra value

with a quality, trusted financial advisor?

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