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Gene’s Daughter Gets Married! Refinance for Six Years? Monthly Pension Payments or Lump Sum? 529 Plan Options If Not for College? ‘Bridge’ Spending Until Social Security?

In this More than Money show Gene:


Gene answers audience questions:

  • Listener asks about refinancing when they only have six years to go on their mortgage?
  • Listener is retiring and wants to know if she should take the pension monthly or in a lump sum?
  • Listener has saved $400,000.  Do they need Long Term Care Insurance?
  • Listener wants to know if it’s ok to spend down one of their accounts until they are eligible for Social Security?
  • Listener’s son may not go to college coming out of high school.  What are her options with her $63,000 in her 520 plan?


Gene talks about:

  • Gene’s daughter, Ali, marries Mike


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