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Reverse Mortgage 101 Workshop, Tax Impact of Inheriting a Home, Constructing Intelligent Portfolios, Social Security Benefits for Ex-Spouses

In this More than Money show :

Gene hosts this live, radio workshop:  Reverse Mortgages 101

with John Krajsa and Tiffany Shutta of AFC Reverse Mortgage

Gene answers audience questions:

  • How does one calculate the tax on an inherited home?
  • Can the owner of a double-wide on a rental pad obtain a reverse mortgage?
  • Is an advisor recommended portfolio with some ‘poor’ funds a poor choice?
  • How does a 66 year old know if he and his wife can safely retire?
  • Should investors be avoiding or eliminating bond funds from their portfolios?
  • Can an ex-spouse receive survivor benefits from her now deceased ex-husband?

Gene talks about:

  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Animals in Distress Radiothon to raise funds
  • Obama’s appeasement of Iran is history repeating itself

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