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September 12th to Honor Our Troops! Statements Down – Investments Up? Co-signing loan for family? Retirement Planning Fundamentals! Comparing Apples to Kumquats?

In this More than Money show Gene:


Gene answers audience questions:

  • Listener asks if stock can be bought on the ‘open market’?
  • Listener asks why her account statement shows everything is losing but her account is going up?
  • Senior listener asks if she should co-sign loan for her granddaughter?
  • Listener asks why all his advisor picked mutual funds aren’t ‘in the top 1%’?
  • Listener fears he doesn’t have ‘enough’ for retirement but doesn’t know how much he needs?
  • Listener wants to know why his investments aren’t doing as well as his children’s?

Gene talks about:

  • September 12th Radio Show – Remembers 9/11 and raises money for Keystone Warriors
  • September 10th – golf with Gene to benefit ARCH of the Lehigh Valley
  • Workshop topics – if you have requests – let us know


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