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Picking the Right Pension Option? Widow Investing Life Insurance? Roth IRA Conversions? Helping 88 Year Old Mom with Her Money? Mark Eicker of Sterling Global Capital Prayers are Answered! Lots More!

In this More than Money show Gene:

Gene answers audience questions:

  • Listener is one and a half (1 ½) years from retirement and evaluating his pension options – lump sum, single life annuity, or joint life annuity?
  • Listener is frustrated with the gold and silver commercials telling only half the story!  Gene is equally frustrated with those same commercials, and the ones for fixed index annuities, and with Glenn Beck – for obvious reasons!
  • Listener’s sister lost her husband just four months ago.  When she deposited her life insurance settlement in her bank account they immediately brought up a ‘financial advisor’ to ‘help’ her.  What does Gene think?
  • Listener is seventy-five (75) and wants to know if she needs to have earned income in order to convert some of her IRA to a Roth IRA?
  • Listener is sixty-eight (68) and wants to know if he should convert pieces of his IRA to a Roth IRA over the next three years to reduce his RMD?
  • Listener is helping her eighty-eight (88) year old mother with her checking account.  She wants to know how to do this now and after her mother passes to best serve her mother and to avoid problems with her three brothers?
  • Lots of income tax questions

Gene talks about:

  • Gene interviews Mark Eicher of Sterling Global Strategies about the stock market
  • Gene reports that More than Money prayers have helped a young lady battling cancer
  • Gene reports a Texas advisor is kicked out of the profession for fibbing to his radio listeners and to his clients about Life Settlement investments – very not nice!
  • March Madness – Villanova and North Carolina
  • Gene briefly discusses the equity markets, jobs, gold, Janet Yellen, and oil
  • Gene thanks everyone for their wonderful thoughts on last week’s 25th anniversary show


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