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What are Fiduciary Advisors? Fixed Index Annuities – Yes or No? Tons of Income Tax Questions, Lots of Estate Questions, Bunches of Retirement Questions & Lots More!

In this More than Money show Gene:

Gene answers audience questions:

  • How does a fiduciary advisor benefit the listener?
  • Will buying real estate rentals help this couples retirement?
  • Does the IRS permit more than one 529 college savings plan per student?
  • What happens if the listener moves to Florida and their financial advisor stays right here?
  • Using stocks inherited from mom to fund daughter’s college without getting slammed on taxes?
  • How does the listener properly document charitable giving tax deductions?
  • How does listener treat $15,000 withdrawal from wife’s pension on 2015 income tax return?
  • Will listener’s heirs get a stepped up basis when inheriting a classic automobile?
  • How will the sale of the listener’s $100,000 gun collection affect his income taxes?
  • What is the best tax strategy for liquidating real estate rentals to fund retirement?
  • How can the listener be heir to one-third of a $300,000 estate and only receive $10,000?

Gene talks about:

  • Fixed Index Annuities – Good or Bad?  It Depends . . .
  • Daryl Okken calls in to discuss the tax reporting requirements of ObamaCare
  • Hackers target IRS and steal records of 100,000 – no – 334,000 – no – 700,000 taxpayers


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