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Find Out If You Can Retire in Less than Twenty Minutes

In this edition of More than Money Gene is joined by Ted Hickes:

 Gene answers listener questions:

  • Can stock that’s been brought to an advisor be taken back?
  • How will the PPL spinoff of Talen Energy after share values?
  • Should listener liquidate their portfolio and invest in gold?
  • When should you take social security benefits?
  • What is the key to a successful retirement?

Gene and Ted talk about:

  • How to determine if you can retire with seven questions in under twenty minutes
  • The stock market has a solid, upward week; jobs reports for January up 257,000
  • TurboTax seems plagued by issues this year – be careful
  • American Realty Capital and its REITs under pressure – pay close attention
  • Free will reviews are available – meet with attorneys Rob Pinel and Ted Hickes
  • Megan Smale gives an emotional performance at the Pocono Mountain East Prism Concert

And much, much more!



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