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Brand New Year; Bill Maughan, Daryl Okken

In this edition of More than Money Gene is joined by Daryl Okken and Bill Maughan: 

Gene answers listener questions:

  • Probate – challenges and opportunities
  • Using an RMD – pay off a car, buy new appliances, or pre-pay a funeral
  • How do ‘they’ calculate the rate of inflation?
  • Should a couple cash in a whole life insurance policy for a down payment of a vacation home?
  • Why does her CPA request the value of her Roth IRA to prepare her tax return?
  • What are the capital gains taxes on a Florida property inherited from mom?
  • Should a nervous couple leave the stock market behind in favor of bonds?
  • Social security?

Gene, Daryl, and Bill talk about:

  • Financial Resolutions for 2015
  • The Secrets to Happiness by Ted Nicholas
  • Retirement happiness based on guaranteed income

And much, much more!



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