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“RMDs, 529s, Gifts, Debts, Mortgages, Health Care Costs in Retirement, Local Advisor Barred, May 17th Softball”

In this More than Money show :

Gene answers audience questions: 

  • When is the best time during the calendar year to take an RMD?
  • Is there a minimum child’s age to start a 529 plan?
  • What are the tax liabilities for grandmother giving stocks to her grandchildren?
  • How should a payment program be structured to best dig out from debt?
  • Should a widow borrow money to buy a home when her husband always avoided debt?

 Gene talks about:

  • Will Health Care Costs in Retirement Make You Sick? – if you missed our live event, but would still like the handouts, please email Jo (
  • Local financial advisor barred by the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities
  • May 17th is the last, ever WAEB – AccuWeather Charity Softball game for Animals in Distress and Gene will be the WAEB starting pitcher.  Join us to help raise funds for the puppies and kittens, have great fun, enjoy a mildly entertaining game, and perhaps walk away with some exceptional prizes

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