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Strong Jobs Report Pushes Markets Lower, Protecting Your Spouse When You’re Gone, Common First Time RMD Mistakes, Key Actions to Take When Retirement is in Your Sights, Best Education Path for Budding Financial Advisor

In this edition of More than Money Gene:

Gene answers listener questions:

  • Should listener pull funds out of 401(k) at age 59 ½ to avoid market downturn?
  • Question about IRA distributions
  • Listener’s son is interested in financial advisor career – what education path is best?

Gene and Daryl talk about:

  • Strong jobs report sends markets down on fears of rising interest rates
  • Americans over 70 report being most worried about leaving spouse unprepared financially
  • Five key actions to take if your retirement is three years or so away
  • How to avoid the most common first time RMD mistakes
  • Changing PA rules around Powers of Attorney

And much, much more!



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