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One IRA Rollover per Year Says the IRS. Supreme Court says 401(k) Providers Better Step It Up. Getting Your Spouse Involved in the Family Finances. Stock Market Volatility – Déjà vu All Over Again. Anthony Diaz Barred by FINRA.

In this More than Money show :

Gene answers audience questions:

  • If I can only roll over one IRA per year how do I consolidate my four IRAs into one?
  • How does the ‘financial’ spouse get the ‘non-financial’ spouse involved?
  • What did the Supreme Court recently rule about the quality of 401(k) plans?
  • How long should you hang onto to financial (particularly income tax) documents?
  • Why do two stock mutual funds have such a large position in cash and is this a problem?
  • Should an investor dump the stock of his company held in his 401(k)?
  • Is it illegal to buy either life insurance or annuities inside an IRA?
  • Are there quality questions prospective employees can/should ask in a job interview?

Gene talks about:

  • Local Financial Salesman, Anthony Diaz, barred for life by FINRA – now what should you do?
  • Interesting Obituaries – fascinating lives of service nearly everywhere you look
  • Stock Markets Volatility in 2015 – what should you do with your portfolio

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