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Great Week in the Stock Markets, Halloween, Privacy Protection and Cyber Security Tip Sheet, Small Cap Stocks seem down, Retirement Planning for Self-Employed, 401(k) Law Changes

In this edition of More than Money, Gene covers many topics including:

Gene was joined by Daryl Okken for this week’s show.  Gene and Daryl commented on:

  • The stock markets rose about 3% for the week
  • New Privacy Protection Tip Sheet is available
  • Halloween and Change the Clocks – all this weekend
  • 401(k) maximum contributions rising for 2015 to $18,000 and $24,000 depending on the age of the employee

Gene and Daryl answered many listeners’ questions including:

  • How does a self-employed person best fund retirement?
  • What happens to the next generation without company provided pension funds?
  • What is the impact on the equity markets of the Federal Reserve’s decision to end their (current) stimulus program?
  • Turning 70 ½ in November of 2015 – how does RMD work?
  • What’s happening with small cap stocks?
  • What should a single person look for in Long Term Care Insurance?

And much, much more!



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