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Effective Retirement Decisions; 401(k) Plan Rollover Cautions; Lending to Neighbors; Reverse Mortgages; Protecting 401(k) Investments as Retirement Gets Close; Lot’s of Free Opportunities

In this edition of More than Money:

Gene answered callers questions:

  • Rollover IRAs vs. Contributory IRAs
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Investing for a Twenty-Nine (29) year old
  • Protecting Retirement Plan Balances as retirement gets close

Gene talked about :

  • 401(k) plan options when leaving an employer
  • Pros and cons of lending money to a neighbor
  • Is gold at an all-time low?
  • Earning 2% “Interest” (not really) on stock investments
  • Why does Ken Fisher hate annuities?
  • Re-financing a 5.25% mortgage
  • Making effective key retirement decisions for all the right reasons

And much, much more!



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