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Wild Stock Market Ride, 4.75% Bank Salesman Commission, ObamaCare and Tax Returns, Settling Simple Estates with or without an Attorney

In this edition of More than Money Gene is joined by Scott Barr:

Gene and Scott answer listener questions:

  • Downsizing with some cash in the bank – what to do?
  • Bank mutual fund salesman wants to charge 4.75% up front – right way to go?
  • Mailing from the ‘government’ looks bogus – how can you tell?
  • Daughter soon to head off to college – college aid counseling services – worth it?
  • Using a professional tax preparer for the first time – how to be properly prepared?
  • ObamaCare requires proof of health coverage – how complicated is this going to get?
  • Using a reverse mortgage – a good idea for mom and dad?
  • At age 71 his life insurance policy cash value is starting to drop – what to do?
  • Mom’s estate was really simple (IRA, TOD Account, and a Life Insurance Policy) – does she need an attorney to settle this estate?

Gene and Scott talk about:

  • The great job the State Theatre did hosting the Criss Angel show – lessons for all businesses
  • The stock market continues its volatile ride
  • If you had a significant life event in 2014 – chances are it will affect your income tax return

And much, much more!



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