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Annuities - lots of serious questions; Self-Directed IRAs and Gold; Unusual Tax Questions; Avoiding Probate; Wealth Inequality is a Crock; 800,000 ObamaCare participants receive very bad news; American Capital Realty under Fire

In this edition of More than Money: 

Gene answers listener questions:

  • Is it possible to roll a 401(k) into an annuity?
  • Annuites are being advertised everywhere – what are the pros and cons?
  • How are withdrawals from 529 plans reported on tax returns?
  • Why can’t a taxpayer fund their own mortgage with funds from their IRA?
  • Are there tax implications when closing out an LLC?
  • Can a taxpayer have gold coins in a self-directed IRA and take possession of the coins?
  • If I invest in ETFs is there a risk I won’t be able to sell them?
  • What are bitcoins?
  • What do folks need to know about dormant bank accounts and escheat?
  • Can I deduct my daughter’s wedding if I invite business guests?
  • Can I set up a trust for my son that restricts access to the funds?
  • Are 529 plans included in a taxpayer’s probatable estate?
  • Who’s the responsible person at my work for the poor performance of my 401(k)?
  • Are inherited annuities and life insurance policies income taxed to the beneficiaries?

Gene talks about:

  • The huge lie that is ‘Wealth Inequality” in America
  • With temperatures consistently at or below zero – the huge lie that is ‘Global Warming’
  • 800,000 taxpayers get bad tax forms – the huge lie that is Obamacare
  • REIT promoter American Capital Realty sued by numerous major investment groups
  • The markets have a solid week – is there more to come? 

And much, much more!




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