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Protecting Your Portfolio, Protecting Your Estate from Kids and In-Laws, Stretching Your IRA to Cover Your Children, Events on 10/22 and 10/25

In this edition of More than Money, Gene covers many topics including:

After another week of wicked volatility in the stock market, Gene reviews a number of options investors have to respond to these gyrations.  The best option (as always) is to have a thoughtful, professionally designed long-term, investment strategy that meets you goals and timeframes – and then keep cool.

Gene fields a number of questions about estate planning.  One asks how to disinherit  a child.  One asks how to protect a daughter’s inheritance from an out-of-control son in law.  One asks about the best way to get IRA funds to children while giving the children the best chance to ‘stretch’ those IRA dollars and do the most good for the family.  One question led to an extended discussion of probate, it’s cost, delays, and ways to ‘avoid probate’.

Gene reviews a very interesting income tax law case where a gentlemen attempted to use his IRA funds to acquire an investment property, but . . . went about it all wrong and ended up on the bad side of the IRS.

Worried about protecting your identity, privacy, and financial security?  Join us October 22nd at the MtM World Headquarters for a free Privacy Protection Workshop.

October the 25th we’re taking our More than Money radio show on the road to Cherryville.  Join us at the Fabulous Fall Fest Craft Show for a great radio show, great food, great crafts, and raising funds for a great organization – Through These Hands.


And much, much more!


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