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Income Taxes on Life Insurance Policy? No Taxes on a Capital Gain?!? Advisor Listens to Gene Every Saturday! Is a ‘Fun’ Advisor Worth Losing Money For? Can Listener ‘Fix’ His Tax Return This Year?

In this More than Money show Gene:

Gene answers audience questions:

  • Listener needs to know income tax impact of liquidating a life insurance policy?
  • Listener wants to know which taxpayers get to pay 0% tax on their capital gains?
  • Listener compliments her financial advisor who listens to More than Money every Saturday.
  • Listener is fun to be around, but producing very disappointing investment results?
  • Listener forgot to report investment losses last year.  Can he ‘remember’ this year?

Gene talks about:

  • More than Money’s Social Security Expert Mark Bacak joins our team to serve you
  • Reverse Mortgage Workshop – save the date April 25th
  • Bill Wright of Love Ran Red – Next Week (2/25) on More than Money Radio


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