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10/11/16 – Long Term Care Workshop! Wells Fargo Fires 5,300 advisors! Remarrying in Senior Years? Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living

In this More than Money show Gene: 

Gene answers audience questions:

  • Listener is treasurer for a non-profit that received a gift of stock.  How do they handle?
  • Listener wants to understand balances saving for children’s college and saving for retirement?
  • Listener has inherited IRAs from her mother – how does she handle them?
  • Listener asks about consolidating credit card bills into a HELOC?
  • Emailer is retiring at age 55 and needs to know how to handle her 401(k)?


Gene talks about:

  • October 11th Workshop:  If You Lose Your Health – Will You Lose Your Wealth?  Join us at the More than Money World Headquarters at either 4 PM or 6 PM for a one hour workshop to explore at least seven (7) ways to protect your life savings should you lose your health.
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