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In this edition of More than Money Gene:

Gene answers listener questions:

  • What are the best ways to make gifts to your family?
  • Can I roll the IRA I inherited from my mom into my IRA?
  • Are guaranteed lifetime income benefits on variable annuities too good to be true?
  • Should we even care what the fees are on annuities?
  • Are the life insurance proceeds six kids and nine grandkids received taxable?
  • Since some Roth IRA withdrawals are taxable – how do I know if the one I took is?
  • Is a letter from the U.S. Department of Commerce a scam?
  • Can you employ your child in a business and then fund a Roth IRA for the same child?
  • What do we do with money ‘left over’ in a 529 plan?
  • How do you know if the return on an investment plan is appropriate for the risk?
  • Dad remarried at age 66 – will his new wife get everything he and mom saved?

Gene talks about:

  • Sister Act at the State Theatre
  • The stock market continues its volatile ride – the Dow down 3.75% for January
  • If MtM prepares your taxes, call the office to find out how much easier it will be this year
  • Free estate planning reviews are available through MtM – contact our office to schedule
  • That beautiful puppy appearing in our blog pictures is JoAnne’s chocolate lab - Harlee

And much, much more!



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