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More than Money Knocked Off the Air! Fiduciary Advisors – Should You Care? Investment Diversification with Mutual Funds. Social Security Strategies. Staying Sane in Retirement. 529 Plans – Practical Advice.

In this More than Money show :

Gene answers audience questions:

  • How to put money in and take money out of a 529 plan
  • Two advisors – one a fiduciary and one probably not – how to choose?
  • Should you increase investments into 401(k) plan or pay ahead on mortgage?
  • How do you stay ‘sane’ when going from fast paced job to retirement?
  • Social security – take it early and run or wait and collect much more for life?
  • “Beyond the Tank’ TV show brings more substance to business owner’s reality
  • Will five mutual funds provide enough diversification?  A surprising answer!

Gene talks about:

  • More than Money knocked off air by power surge – the ‘lost’ half an hour
  • May 17th is the last, ever WAEB – AccuWeather Charity Softball game for Animals in Distress and Gene will be the WAEB starting pitcher.  Join us to help raise funds for the puppies and kittens, have great fun, enjoy a mildly entertaining game, and perhaps walk away with some exceptional prizes

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