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Markets are Volatile – What Should You Do? Getting a $500,000 Portfolio Back on Track. Wealth Building and 401(k)s for Twenty-Somethings. Good Questions to Find a Good Financial Advisor.

In this More than Money show :

Gene answers audience questions:

  • What are the pros and cons of regular wills vs. revocable trusts?
  • How does the listener get his $500,000 portfolio to produce decent returns?
  • Getting started in a 401(k) at age 24?
  • What are the key risks to a successful retirement?
  • Are there key questions to help identify the best financial advisor for us?
  • What are some options for a 28 year old couple to build wealth ‘on the side’?

Gene talks about:

  • Stock Market forecast in the opinion of the Kiplinger Letter
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