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Answering Questions with ‘It Depends’, Two Executors on One Will? Father and Son Looking at Business Ventures, July 4th – Freedom and Independence, Retirement ‘Fails

In this More than Money show:

Gene answers audience questions:

  • Shouldn’t Gene have the answers to listener questions instead of ‘punting’ with ‘it depends’?
  • What are the pros and cons of having two executors on her will?
  • Should investor hold or sell Chevron stock?
  • How should a son and father evaluate business opportunities?
  • How would a father know if going into business with his son would jeopardize the financial future he shares with his wife?
  • Is it a good idea for grandmother to lend money to son and grandson for a business venture?

Gene talks about:

  • July 4th – Freedom and Independence
  • July newsletter – thank you for your responses
  • Marcus Lemonis (The Profit) interview – thank you for your responses
  • Recent estate and income tax developments
  • Retirement ‘Fails’

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