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Radio Show

Three Widows to Share One House? Buying a House to Rent to Daughter? Brexit! Laughing at My Nightmare! Susquehanna University Lots More!

In this More than Money show Gene:

Gene answers audience questions:

  • Listener wants to understand pros and cons of having her two best friends (all widows) sell their homes and move in with her to share expenses?
  • Listener wants to know how to buy a home and rent it to his daughter?
  • Listener asks how to ‘fix’ an annuity sold to him that does not do what the salesman said it would?
  • Listener wants to know if ‘big dips’ in the stock market are ‘buying opportunities’?
  • Listener wants to know if he should fire his accountant?

Gene talks about:

  • June 29th – Guaranteed Retirement Income
  • Laughing at My Nightmare – 5K run with Diane and JoAnne
  • Visit to Susquehanna University teaches Gene a few things that can help young listeners


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