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10/11/16 – Long Term Care Workshop! Retiring Police Office and His 457 Plan? Taxation of Cashed In Life Insurance? Taxation of Pension Lump Sum? Fixed Index Annuities?

In this More than Money show Gene:

Gene answers audience questions:

  • Listener wants to know if he should take his pension lump sum in cash?
  • Listener wants to upgrade his home.  Should he use Roth IRA or HELOC?
  • Listener asks the differences between stock brokers and financial advisors?
  • Listener asks if a FIA is a good alternative to money market accounts?
  • Listener’s advisor seems to have ‘drifted off’.  Is it time to change?
  • Listener has life insurance he no longer needs.  How is ‘cashing in’ taxed?
  • Listener wonders if he can deduct his IRA custodial fees on his tax return?
  • Listener is a retiring police officer and needs to understand how to handle his 457 plan?

Gene talks about:

  • October 11th Workshop:  If You Lose Your Health – Will You Lose Your Wealth?  Join us at the More than Money World Headquarters at either 4 PM or 6 PM for a one hour workshop to explore at least seven (7) ways to protect your life savings should you lose your health.
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