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The passing of Jack Barr, Ric Edelman loses David Bach, More than Money at Iron Pigs on August 16th, Evaluating Lump Sum Payment vs. Monthly Pension, What if your advisor won’t talk to you? Lots more

In this More than Money show :

Gene answers audience questions:

  • Can wife can spousal social security benefit and then switch to own benefit at age 70?
  • Should caller take pension lump sum or continue monthly payments?
  • What should client do when advisor refuses to give either reports or answers?
  • Do I-Bond interest rates fluctuate?
  • Should listener use a HELOC on his residence to fund purchase of an investment property?
  • What should a couple (both 51) do to catch up on saving for retirement?

Gene talks about:

  • The passing of Jack Barr, Scott Barr’s father
  • Ric Edleman and David Bach part ways
  • Join our More than Money family at the Iron Pigs on Sunday August 16th
  • Jobs report pretty good – stock market results – not so much
  • Interesting marketing ideas with mangoes, pink jeeps, and barking frogs


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