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Wicked Stock Market Gyrations, Live Callers, New 401(k) Rules, Events on 10/22 and 10/25

In this edition of More than Money, Gene covers many topics including:

After a week of wicked ups and downs in the stock market, Gene discusses a number of options investors have to respond to these gyrations.  The best option (as always) is to have a thoughtful, professionally designed long-term, investment strategy that meets you goals and timeframes – and then keep cool.

A great interview with Robert Swan of Swan Wealth Advisors managers of Swan Defined Risk Strategy.  This interview looked at the interesting investment approach of this strategy. Listeners should listen understanding this discussion is for educational purposes only and is not an endorsement of this specific investment.  Never invest in any investment without doing your homework.

If you have after-tax dollars in your 401(k) the IRS has issued guidelines making it easier for you to roll those funds directly into a Roth IRA.  See your tax professional for specifics or contact the tax professionals at MtM Financial Group.

Our More than Money family keeps us supplied with copies of invitations they received from financial firms.  Most of these invites include an expensive dinner at a fancy eatery.  What’s the catch?  Gene talks about a couple of things can look for on your invitations that might scare you off a fancy meal.  By the way, at our More than Money live events (two coming up) we serve little, tiny bottles of water.  That’s it.  No steaks.  No lobster.  Little, tiny bottles of water.  Kind of makes a statement, doesn’t it?

Worried about protecting your identity, privacy, and financial security?  Join us October 22nd at the MtM World Headquarters for a free Privacy Protection Workshop.

October the 25th we’re taking our More than Money radio show on the road to Cherryville.  Join us at the Fabulous Fall Fest Craft Show for a great radio show, great food, great crafts, and raising funds for a great organization – Through These Hands.

And much, much more!


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