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Gene Thanks Everyone for Their Kind Thoughts, Down Sizing Tips, PA Filial Support Law – Headache, Selling a Bed and Breakfast, $25,000 Gift from Mom, How Does More than Money Get Paid? & Lots More!

In this More than Money show Gene:

Gene answers audience questions:

  • What tips can we give the listeners considering ‘down sizing’?
  • Listener wants to know how More than Money advisors are compensated?
  • How does the PA Filial Support Law affect listener?
  • What is the process for ‘getting ready’ for the first meeting with a More than Money advisor?
  • When is the ‘best’ time for the listener to begin taking his social security benefits?
  • How does the listener determine tax liability on the sale of a property that was both their personal residence and a bed and breakfast?
  • Listener received $25,000 gift from mom – are there tax or Medicaid risks?
  • Should the listener’s advisor be alerting him to his RMDs?

Gene talks about:

  • Gene thanks everyone for their kind wishes on his birthday
  • Gene briefly discusses the equity markets, jobs, gold, and oil
  • Gene comments on the Presidential races and the ‘Revolution’


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