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We would love for you to read dozens of glowing testimonials from our satisfied clients.

However, the folks who regulate our industry (SEC.Gov) have determined that professional financial advisors in good legal standing are not permitted to offer testimonials to prospective clients. I believe their thinking is to protect consumers from drawing the inference that a few testimonials are proof an advisor provides a superior service. Sadly, three positive testimonials might be masking hundreds of mistreated customers. You can certainly understand The SEC’s position. (An interesting corollary to this regulation – if you see a ‘financial advisor’ offering you testimonials – you now know that something is quite wrong)

At MtM Financial Group we believe we can offer you something much more useful than a few selectively chosen testimonials. We offer you the opportunity to ‘try us’ before you ‘employ us’. Spend as many hours as you wish getting to know Gene and the MtM team on weekly television and radio broadcasts of More than Money with Gene Dickison. Every week Gene offers two and one-half (2 ½) hours of live financial information and advice on his shows. Topics include investments, income tax, estate, the business of your life, and much, much more.

Over more than twenty years Gene has:

  • Hosted more than 1,000 television shows
  • Hosted more than 1,000 radio shows
  • Seen and heard by hundreds of thousands
  • Brought hundreds of financial experts to his audiences
  • Answered more than 14,000 viewer and listener questions live on air

Call in with your questions and evaluate your own experience – absolutely free.

MtM Financial Group regularly produces live events (check our web site for details). These are great opportunities for you to meet current MtM clients and gauge their personal experiences with no one editing their comments.

Testimonials. While it might seem a bit inconvenient that we can’t simply offer you a list of smoothly edited quotes, it might well be to your benefit that we can’t. If you really want to evaluate whether MtM Financial Group is the right place for your financial future take full advantage of all the opportunities you have to get to know us first. Then, based on your own sound judgment, make the confident, informed decision to allow us to serve you.


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